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1. What's the process for pool repair?

Though processes vary, this is a typical re-plaster/remodel scenario:

PREP: One day before we start, we drain the pool (into the sewer cleanout).


STEP 1 (start day): Crew shows up at site between 7am-8am.

- Install protective sheeting

- Chip the pool & spa

- All debris is removed

STEP 2: Tile install (est. 1 day)

STEP 3: Deck resurfacing (est. 1 week)

STEP 4: Plumbing and lighting (1 day)

STEP 5:  Plaster work (1 day)

Most jobs end up taking 2 - 3 weeks, figuring in scheduling availability and weekends.

2. What will renovating my pool cost?

Costs vary, depending on size, wear and materials. Simple jobs can start as low as $6000.

3. DoES TRIDENT offer discounts?

Trident offers discounts to seniors, military, police and firefighters. If you qualify, please mention this before getting a quote.

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